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Multi-purpose Lamp Housing

At OPTEL OPOLE we designed and manufactured a lamp housing that can be used with multiple broadband lamps. With a single housing user can switch between short arc xenon lamps and low-voltage tungsten halogen bulbs. The replacement of the light source takes only few seconds. Each lamp requires a separate dedicated power supply, which we also manufacture.

multi purpose lamp housing

Standard lamps that can be mounted in the housing are:

  • OSRAM XBO 150W

  • short arch xenon lamps 450W and 500W ( equivalents of XBO 450W and XBO 500W)

  • ozone free xenon lamp USHIO UXL-451-O

  • 150W low-voltage tungsten halogen lamps; HLX 64626 , HLX 64633, HLX 64640

  • 250W low-voltage tungsten halogen lamp HLX 64655

  • 400W low-voltage tungsten halogen lamp HLX 64663

In order to replace a lamp one needs to open the back door by releasing two knobs. The XY stage allows precise positioning of the arc with respect to the optical axis.

the back door lamp housing

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