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Low-cost Solar Simulator based on XBO 150W xenon lamp

By combining our multi-purpose lamp housing with a short arc xenon lamp of 150W mounted and an atmospheric filter AM 1.5 we assembled a low-cost solar simulator configurable for different kinds of experiments. The recent setup we built consists additionally of a shutter aperture and a black box to excite reactions in a photo-electrochemical cell with 3 electrodes.

In this setup we used following parts:

  1. Multi-purpose lamps housing with double lens condenser made of silica glass

  2. Short arc xenon lamp XBO 150W

  3. Power supply ZXE 150

  4. Atmospheric filter 1.5AM

  5. Optical bench

  6. 50ml photo-elctorochemical cell with 3 electordes

  7. 25mm mechanical Aperture

  8. Shutter allowing regulation of illumination time between 1s and 30minutes

  9. Black box of dimensions 600 x 500 x 480 mm (L x W xH )

  10. Plano aluminium mirror with 45 degrees mounting

  11. Radiometer to control the power density

In order to control the power density of irradiation passing through the cell, we used our radiometr

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